Miracles to Yesterday by David Brinkman

Lost and waiting to be found: WWII D-Day invasion secrets of Europe and the Pacific, relics of the skirmish that marked the end of the American Civil War, the first Broad crossings, an early back-country Colonial village that could have been the Capital, an early British outpost fort, and King Richard III in America.

Quietly settled into a software engineering job where he sat behind a computer all day long with little human interaction, David Brinkman's life would take a dramatic change 20 years ago when his father died after a short illness. To honor his father, he would discover and tackle history mysteries that would each miraculously lead to something bigger.

Over those next 20 years, the cumulative effect of dozens of coincidences, incredible timings, illogical and irrational decisions, and a near death experience, would tie the discoveries together into something bigger than the sum of all the finds. Brinkman's transformation from an introverted geek whose most extensive outdoor project had been to dig a post hole for a mailbox, would lead him to unlikely historical discoveries, international correspondences, public speaking, national television coverage, and the recognition as the 2017 Distinguished South Carolina Archaeologist of the Year. But, as Brinkman would slowly learn through all of this, that transformation and the discoveries were just the side effect of something much bigger. Something invisible to most, unless observed in just the right way.

This book attempts, in the most scientific way possible, to document the discoveries and help others to see the invisible force behind them.

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Chapter 1 - Introduction 12 Chapter 2 - Faith and the first Miracle 16 Chapter 3 - A Father to Many 31 Chapter 4 - The History Begins: Attack Transport APA-154 (The USS Lowndes) 35 Chapter 5 - Researching the Greatest Generation: A Historian is born. 66 Chapter 6 - A Lot of History on the River 92 Chapter 7 - A Story of Broad Crossings 97 Chapter 8 - Heaven drops a Survey 120 Chapter 9 - The Story of Sherman's Crossing 142 Chapter 10 - The Lourdes of Granby 154 Chapter 11 - A Story of Granby 163 Chapter 12 - The King is found 218 Chapter 13 - A King's Match in America 234 Chapter 14 - A Fort is Found 251 Chapter 15 - A Story of Fort Congaree II 265 Chapter 16 - A State House and Tavern are Found 281 Chapter 17 - A Career Cut Short and the Calling 293 Chapter 18 - Miracles to Come? Was the Truth and Justice in the Old State House 301 Chapter 19 - Miracles or not? 319 Chapter 20 - A Final Tribute and Miracle 328 APPENDIX A: The people of Sarah Friday's 1810 Granby 335 Samuel Johnston home site: 336 The Cake Shop site: 338 The Tobacco Inspection and storage facility: 339 The Town Well site: 340 Lewis Pou home site: 341 Abraham Geiger site: 342 James/John Patton's store site: 344 Means store site: 345 Bell's store site: 346 Granby Courthouse site: 350 Seibles Burying ground site: 350 Seibles store site: 352 Hane home site: 353 Hane Burying ground site: 356 Muller's store site: 357 Henry Muller home site: 358 Hane Salt house site: 358 Burk's store site: 359 Toy store site: 360 Mill site: 361 Distillery site: 362 Peter the Barber site: 362 Friday's Entertainments site: 363 Jesse Sharp site: 365 Mr. Cayce (Fort Granby) site: 365 Mr. Cayce's store site: 366 Black Smith site #1: 366 Black Smith site #2: 367 Captain John Hart home: 368 APPENDIX B: The Miracle at Lourdes 373 APPENDIX C: Those that Dig History 375